Tuesday, August 5, 2008

3rd Post in America

This day, I talked with the American student! I tried to talk with them and wanted to communicate with them. However, when I talked by English, they often asked me ‘sorry?’, or their faces indicated me that they couldn’t understand what I was saying… Also, I couldn’t understand the meaning what they were saying because their talking speed was too high for me! After that time, I was very disappointed…. I couldn’t communicate by English. But I wanted to talk by English! I think that I can speak English fluently just by trying to talk! In afternoon, I tried to talk with other student of America. That was very successful for me because I could speak English that they could understand what I was saying! In addition, I ate sushi! Those tastes were very good for me! Those were like Japanese sushi without sushi roll. Sushi is the best for me to eat in the world food! This day was also a good day for me!


Emily said...

Hi! I'm Emily. Your bowling ability was very good!

Nikki said...

Hello Yuya,
I'm glad you enjoyed your day. Just to let you know, I think your English is very good. I enjoy talking with you.

Sophia's Monde said...

Hi Yuya! My name is Sophia and I was a mentor for AGU 2007 last year. I just got back from living in France and at first it was also difficult for me to communicate in French. I often had to ask people to speak more slowly, so you shouldn't be afraid to ask that if you don't understand something! After a little while it gets a lot easier to understand. Good luck!

Nina Liakos said...

Hi Yuya,
I am sure it was very frustrating for you not to be able to communicate fluently with the students yesterday. With practice, fluency will develop (but two weeks is probably not enough time to make any discernible difference, unfortunately). Also, in order to understand native speaker speech, you need to learn how to think in English so that constant translating into Japanese doesn't prevent you from listening. Please don't be discouraged. You can practice listening to native speakers on the internet; it is no longer necessary to be geographically in the same room with a native speaker.

I am kind of surprised that you liked the American sushi; I would have thought it was prepared for the American palate and would not be good to a Japanese who is used to "the real thing." I am glad it was good! :-)


Hiromi said...

What's up, Yuya?
I enjoyed reading your post! And it seems that you enjoyed talking with the students, right?

Also, it's nice to know that the Sushi you had was yummy! ^^